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 Currently, we offer six Safety-Awareness Programs, with more programs in development. Join the hundreds of others who have taken these courses to lessen their chances of becoming a victim of an attacker.

To register for any of the classes listed below, or for more information:

Safety Awareness for the Real Estate Licensee

Finding yourself alone in an empty house with a complete stranger can be a frightening experience, especially if this person makes you feel uncomfortable.

This class is designed for the Real Estate Professional to learn prevention strategies and protection techniques. Be prepared for lots of "hands on" demonstrations and drills! Feel safe. Feel empowered.

Safety Awareness for the Real Estate Licensee has been approved by the Maine and the New Hampshire Real Estate Commissions for 3 Clock-Hours toward fulfillment of the educational requirements for real-estate professionals.**

Approved in Maine for 3 CEU's

Approved in New Hampshire for 3 CEU's

Soon to be offered in:






​Campus Safety Awareness

The Campus Safety Program empowers students to make their personal safety a priority while on campus. The program offers advice and practical applications that can be incorporated into daily campus life. A wide range of scenarios most students will encounter on a regular basis, both on and off campus are addressed. Here are a few of the many topics we'll discuss:

The reprehensible statistic of 1 in 5 woman will be sexually assaulted while attending college can not longer be tolerated.  I work with RAINN and a portion of my revenue goes to support them and their mission.  

 In compliance with the Campus Safety Project and the SAVE ACT, I offer my Safety Awareness course.  I believe that offering my training will satisfy atIXa training checklist #55-#62 Prevention, Awareness, and Community Education. My mission is to prevent victims and empower women. Education and Awareness will help prevent sexual assaults, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. 

This course is a must for a loved one about to journey into the world on their own. Protect the one you love. 

**We offer group-campus classes, tailoring each class to specifically cover each school or university's campus to provide the most comprehensive class for you and your fellow students.

Safety Awareness for the Property Manager

Why go hands on with an attacker when you can learn to protect yourself at a safe distance? In this course you learn to identify threatening behaviors and prepare to safely escape dangerous situations that occur in your role as a Property Manager or Leasing Agent. Learn both prevention strategies and protection techniques. Be prepared for lots of "hands on" demonstrations and drills! Be aware. Be safe. Be empowered! 

CrimeFree Multi Housing

6 hour basic course will be the first step to becoming Crime Free Certified by Michael Mercer Consulting


The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a unique, three-phase certification program for rental properties of all sizes, including single family rental homes. The first phase is the completion of a six-hour program that is taught by Michael Mercer Consulting. Frequently, guest speakers will also attend to address specific topics relating to rental properties. This program is designed to be very easy, yet extremely effective, at reducing criminal activity in rental properties. 

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program addresses these topics:

Understanding Crime Prevention

C.P.T.E.D. Concepts

The Application Process

Common Sense Self Defense Community Rules/Leases

Apartment Communities/Not Complexes Active Property Management Combating Crime Problems

Police: To Serve and Protect? Partnership with the Fire Department Dealing with Non-Compliance

Safety Awareness for the Hospitality Professional

Hospitality professionals, those working in restaurants, hotels, or as bartenders are particularly subject to violet attacks, especially those working at night.

In this class, you'll learn situational awareness based on your specific industry risk. You'll lean how to be safe using prevention strategies and personal protection techniques. Be prepared for "hands on" demonstrations and drills.  No one should feel unsafe in their chosen profession. Be safe. Be confident. Be empowered

Safety Awareness for the Retail Professional

The retail industry comprises a large sector of the United States economy. While the products and environments they work in may differ greatly from one business to the next, personal safety should be a major concern for all retail workers.

In this class, you'll learn situational awareness based on your specific risks in this industry. You'll be taught how to be safe using prevention strategies and personal protection techniques.  Be prepared for lots of "hands on" demonstrations and drills! Prevent crime before it can happen to you!

Civilian Safety Awareness Program

A violent attack can happen at any time. Violent attacks are 52 times more likely to occur than a car accident, 229 times more likely than your house catching fire, and 1,000 times more likely than being involved in a plane crash.  Numbers like these can be frightening, but the good news is there are ways to minimize your chances of becoming a victim.

The Civilian Safety Awareness Program will teach you how to take precautions and build habits to enhance your safety. This course can change your life and the lives of those you love.

Classes currently in research and development
Safety Awareness for the Wellness Professional, available in 2018


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