Protector Dog Spray with Key Ring



Protector’s small compact size includes a key ring attachment for convenient access. Walk confidently knowing you’ve done as much as you can to protect yourself in an effective but humane way.

Compact size: 0.75 oz (23.7 mL)
Police strength (maximum heat)
Reliable – #1 brand trusted by police worldwide
Humane – deters most dogs without long-term pain or injury
Reduced wind blow-back due to stream delivery
Greater protection at a safe distance – 14 bursts at up to 12 feet (4 m) away
Key ring provides convenient, immediate access

What’s the difference between dog spray and regular pepper spray?

Human pepper spray is more potent than dog spray, because dogs have a much more sensitive nose than humans. Protector dog spray is the maximum heat allowed by the EPA.

Why should I carry dog spray?
75% of dog owners surveyed have encountered aggressive dogs while walking their pets. Dog-on-dog attacks tend to put emotional, financial and legal stress on the owner(s) involved. To help avoid time-consuming strain, dog spray can quell aggressive behavior without leaving lasting harm on either dog.